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Introductory studies for Hairdressers,

NQF Level 2, Credits 6

Introductory studies for Hairdressers,

NQF Level 2, Credits 6

Level 2

Introduction to the Hairdressing Industry                      


Hairdressing business environment                                


Time management                                                            


Safety, Health and Environmental protection              


Quality standards                                                                


Business ethics                                                                    

Chemical and physical action of shampoos and conditioners            


Types of shampoos, conditioners and treatments                              


Scalp massages                                                                                          


Hair and scalp treatments                                                                        

Level 3

Full Time and Part Time Course Structure

Hair and skin,

NQF Level 3, Credits 10

Communication and sales,

NQF Level 3, Credits 6    


NQF Level 3, Credits 20

The structure and function of the skin in relation to the scalp          


Structure and function of hair                                                                  


Signs of common hair and scalp of disorders                                      

Factors affecting hair and skin                                                                


Client consultation, including hair and scalp analysis                          


Reception services, including telephone etiquette, client receiving, bookings,

estimates and quotes & sales    


Client communication                                                                              


Sales and marketing                                                                                  


Product control (storage, display, placement, expiration)                






Thermal styling

Up-style hair

Basic hair setting

Hair blow drying

Finger waving


Creative styling (dry trendy and wet trendy)

Use and maintenance of tools and equipment

Level 4

Hair Cutting,

NQF Level 4, Credits 30

Chemical hair services,

NQF Level 4, Credits 30  


Shape and form and the design line(s)                                                  


Styling/facial shapes and the cutting design                                        


Basic cutting lines and angles                                                                  


Basic hair cutting techniques                                                                  


Cross-checking and finalising cuts                                                          

Apply temporary colour to hair                                                      

Apply semi/demi permanent colour to hair

Apply permanent colour to hair

Perform hair lightening service to hair

Apply colour corrections to hair

Provide acid-based chemical waving (Perm) services                      

Provide alkaline-based chemical waving (Perm) services

Provide S-Curl/blow out hair services

Provide hair-relaxing services

Provide hair-straightening services

Provide hair-keratin services




Provide shampooing, conditioning and treatment of hair and scalp services in a hair salon, NQF Level 2

Provide hairstyling services in a hair salon, NQF Level 4

Provide hair cutting services in a hair salon, NQF Level 4

Provide chemical hair treatment services in a hair salon, NQF Level 4

Maintain professional standards when interacting with clients, NQF Level 3