Overview of Learning Program

National Certificate: Hairdressing (SAQA ID 65750 National Qualifications Framework Level 02):

This is the first of three qualifications which culminate in a professional hairdressing qualification and is designed to serve as an introduction to the hairdressing industry and provide the learner with the basics of hairdressing.

  • Perform basic reception and administrative services
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the service sector
  • Maintain a professional standard of health- and cleanliness in the salon
  • Perform elementary hairdressing services
  • Promote salon products and services

National Certificate: Hairdressing (SAQA ID 65749 National Qualifications Framework Level 03):

This qualification follows on from the Level 02 qualification in enabling learners to develop toward becoming professional hairdressers.

  • Perform cutting services for ladies and gents
  • Perform long hair styling and colouring services
  • Perform chemical services to Afro hair

Further Education and Training Certificate: Hairdressing (SAQA ID 65729 National Qualifications Framework Level 04):

This qualification follows on from the Level 03 qualification in enabling learners to qualify as professional hairdressers and focuses on advanced hairdressing techniques as well as on a series of management functions designed to assist qualified hairdressers to setup and manage their own businesses.

  • Perform hairdressing services.
  • Range of services are performed on either Afro or Caucasian hair
  • Run a hairdressing salon
  • Set up a new hairdressing business

Candidates will have the option to complete the City & Guilds Advanced international exam.

Mode of Delivery

Learners shall attend theory and practical sessions at THASA ALBERTON . An integrated summative assessment will take place after each level.

Duration of Qualification

Full-time – one year – When studying full-time, the student needs to attend classes until all three levels are completed successfully, before starting to work in a registered salon, to complete informal hours of practical experience.

Part-time Р3 years РWhen studying part-time, the student has to work in a registered salon on a full-time basis, while attending classes at THASA ALBERTON  once a week.

Each level needs to be completed successfully before the student may advance to the next level.


Formative Assessment

Continuous assessment takes place at regular intervals, which will prove readiness of the student to enter the Final Summative Assessment (FSA).

Final Summative Assessment (FSA)

After formal hours of training at THASA ALBERTON , a prescribed period of informal industry hours is required before completion of the Final Summative Assessment (FSA).

Candidates will have the option to complete the City & Guilds Advance Hairdressing international exam.